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The 1st Annual Duck Worth Wearing Spelling Bee was held on Saturday, April 26, 2008 at the Gilbert Lutheran Church. It was attended by over 23 students and their families. The students were groupedaccording to grade levels 3rd - 8th grade. Every participant was awarded a medal or a trophy, a ribbon and a certificate.

Jim Quarnstrom, Former Principal Gilbert High School, Joel Weeks, Principal, Gilbert High School, Eric and Amy Abrams of Duck Worth Wearing were invited guests that assisted in the award ceremony. Jim Quarnstrom was awarded a plaque for his support of educational activities for the Gilbert Schools and their learning communities.

The Spelling Bee was sponsored by Duck Wearing Wearing and hosted by the 4-H and the GilbertAcademy. Vellareddy Anantharam, Jean Saveraid and Mullai Sritharan were the organizers of the contest.

The following were judges for the competition: Gilbert School teachers, Lisa Jane Gildehaus and Jean Saveraid; Rema Nilakanta from Iowa State and Gilbert parents: Rick Carano, Amy and Eric Abrams.

The following Gilbert School students were pronouncers for the competition: Shane Bugeja, Chester Fisher, Julia Schwager, Richard Adcock, Kat Carano and, Mariah Dougherty. Iowa Knights of Columbus Spelling Bee Coordinator Tim Simodynes kindly provided the information about the rules and regulations for the spelling bee event.

The following are the winners of the competition:

3rd Grade: Champion, Kadin Bell, 2nd place, Ashleigh Benson and 3rd place, Krishan Sritharan and
Cody Dvorak and 4th Place Polina Lavrova and Mackenzie Abrams. 4th Grade: Champions, Lydia Heydlauff, 2nd place, Sarah Reger and 3rd Place, Natasha Widdowson.
5th Grade: Champion, Nancy Tang, 2nd place, Lidia Lavrova and 3rd place, Maura Saltzman.
6th Grade: Champion, Maia Davis, 2nd place, Molly Luzbetak
7th Grade: Champion, John Carano, 2nd place Puneet Anantharam, 3rd place, Colby Abrams and Syed Umar Farooq.
8th Grade: Champion, Rachel Petersen, 2nd place, Jared Haverdink.